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We are young professionals working to support rural livelihood by developing new Ideas, methods and approach digitally for the Indian farmers.

Man is a social animal and society plays a vital role in human livelihood, so we are here to serve the Indian Farmers as well as the direct consumers of Agricultural produce especially the livestock. In this era of COVID19 pandemic the worst hit sector is the primary sector of the Indian economy where the Indian farmers are compelled to satisfy their thirst for better economic growth with a very low income. Hence, we introduce an alternative approach to support the Indian agricultural sector by providing an Online Market place where a farmer can sell their livestock without having a threat for CORONA; we will bridged the Gap digitally between the Farmers and Buyers for the same.

CORONA virus pandemic effects the economic activities at a large scale.  Indian farmers raise livestock along with the agricultural activities; this livestock serve as a handful income source for the farmers after  1 or 2 years raising and by selling them, they could easily earn Rs.50,000/= to Rs.100000/= which helps them to afford the minimum quality of their living standard.

In the current Pandemic situation it is difficult as well as dangerous for rural community to visit Local market places as it is not permissible by the government authorities and visiting the local markets can initiate the community spread of CORONA Virus.

Considering this as a challenge we came up with the idea of free online Livestock market for farmers where they can sell their Livestock without leaving their houses. We are developing our platform to assist the Indian farmers so that they can sell their agricultural produce directly to the consumers and get an appropriate income.

Contact us to join our Cause, Serving the mankind is our AIM and entrepreneurship with social service is our Goal. We will be happy to serve you. Thank you.

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Young Professionals from Moradabad supporting Rural Livelihood in this time of Pandamic.

S Masood ul Hasan


S Kashif Ali


S Faizan Ahmad


Adnan Khan


Khalid Raza


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