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गर्मी, कोरोना, गंदगी से बचें घर बैठे पशु खरीदें

Start a got, Farm we will help you

Best breed available to start a farm.
Need goat for a function, worry not we will deliver it to you

Goat (बकरा)

खूबसूरत बकरे मुनासिब दामों पर उपलब्ध है

Sheep (भेड़)

तगड़ी भेड़, नसल- भोटिया, डोंगरे

Buffalo (भैंस)

अच्छी कटिया यही मिलती है

Bakra Eid Offer

Book your Qurbani & watch it live on What's App

One of Our Satisfied Farmer

One of Our Satisfied Customer

Far away from crowd, Be in comfort of Home, Choose with the family, Buy your animal and get it delivered at your door.


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